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January 04, 2010


Kyleea Sakarig

Thankfulness to my father who stated to me about this web site, this web site is genuinely amazing.


Thanks! We really, really aim to make our blog USEFUL, not just pretty or personal! We appreciate your taking the time to comment!

sponge painting los angeles

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Leilani, your comment brings up an interesting point. When I've done this kind of sponge painting, I've had certain colors in mind, but no specific result. What if you just picked five or six colors that look good together and experiment on heavy paper? Then let it dry and touch up the result with whatever your eye tells you it needs. I know this sounds hopelessly vague, but as long as you dab and daub instead of mix and smear, you'll probably like what you get.


I sure need to work on my multiple color mixing/daubing technique. I never know what to use to get the result I want. Frustrating.

Hope you SF class is great fun!


Thanks for commenting, Lenore! It's so nice to know you're out there reading and reacting to the blog!


I should think one could easily find that shiney wallet in the dark depths of a purse! Happy New Year!

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