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January 12, 2010



Elaine, isn't painting shoes FUN??!! Glad you are enjoying your newest painting adventure. There's no need to seal painted shoes made of fabric, like canvas or sneaker fabric. I like to seal the Glitter It glaze because it adds an extra little bit of sparkle. As to washing glittered sneakers, they should be fine as long as you wash them in a pillowcase or something else to cushion the surface from the abrasion from whirling around inside a washer or dryer.

I'd love to see some photos of your work -- including "before" photos if you have them!

Elaine Warfield

Hi: Absolutely love your shoes. You gals are the ones who got me started on painting shoes. (I've painted everything else, why not shoes?!) I need to know do we seal sneakers and canvas once painted with the Jacquard, or the glitter I bought from you ladies? What if someone wants to throw them in the washer after a bit? Thanks in advance. By the way, absolutely loving your glitter paints!!

Margot Silk Forrest

Thanks! I was aiming for that!


That is kinda great work! You're design is really almost the same with the designer's sneaker.

Double Glazing

The first photo,gold sneaker looks really nice.I love the lace,very unique and fashionable.I had one pair of sneaker at home but my niece is asking for it so i gave it to her last week.


The only drawback to this sneaker is that it sort of jingles when you walk! (Which I sort of like...)

kids crocs

Impressive! These are awesome shoes! I hope this is totally comfortable, but it looks great.

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