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January 26, 2010


Karen Fenter

I agree with you. I have paintstiks from before my youngest son was born and he is now 20!!

Destiny Carter

Ah, the skin - which is why we have small flecks of color all over the floor!

They do come in wonderful colors and worked very well on cloth and suede. The experimentation was a hoot! Of course, I know individual results may vary.

What an invigorating topic! It's really great to hear all these responses.


Margot and Karen, Just now catching up with favorite blogs. In the paintstick workshop I just took with Laura Murray, she said that paintsticks last forever. They form their own skins, so that said, the age shouldn't have made a difference.

Destiny Carter

I did use the method they recommended in the instruction pamphlet that came with the Shiva Paintstiks, which was to use the pastels on a palette when using the brush. But, I don't remember what type of brush it was I used. This is great advice for our other blog readers! Remember to use STIFF BRUSHES! Thanks again, Karen.

Karen Fenter

I have one more question. Did you have some kind of palette to rub on of the paintstiks .The paintstiks work much better with stencil brushes or brushes that are stiffer so that you can push the paint into the fabric.

Destiny Carter

Karen, we did try and use the sticks with brushes. It didn't work well. I am not sure if the age of the sticks were a factor, but with a brush I wasn't able to get a consistent line or any type of solid coverage. Thanks for thinking about that, though! It was a test I had forgotten we tried.

Karen Fenter

Did you use brushes? I have found that paintstiks work better that way because you can control the amount of color. I have found that paintstiks work better with some material that has tooth,

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