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June 03, 2011


Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket

I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

Suede knee high boots

I just love that raspberry color on your boots. I tried to dye my brown suede knee high boots blue ages ago and made a real mess of it. The boots were ruined. I also got the dye on my skin and came out in a nasty rash and had to get cream from the doctor.
Kind Regards Caitlin


Have you had any issues with the raspberry color wearing off on your feet? I questioned Angelus and their comment was,"It will be fine when it dries but when/if it gets wet again (ie: sweat, water, etc.) it may bleed onto your skin or transfer from the outside... it will most likely bleed"
I'd like to try this, but I'm afraid of ending up with unwearable boots... or lime green feet.
Thanks for your help!


Thanks! This was very informative and helpful!

Margot Silk Forrest

No, I haven't noticed that. I use a clean stiff nail brush to brush the nap up again. Shoe stores also carry brushes like this. We have used this dye on fine suede as well as the rougher kind used to make Uggs and it hasn't harmed the nap. It does fade over time, so if you decide to go ahead, be prepared to give your boots a fresh application now and again.


Thanks for the information. Also, have you noticed if the nap or suede feels different or stiffer. I really want to dye these boots but everything else I read (other than this site) tells me DON'T.

Margot Silk Forrest

Whether it's dyed or not, suede doesn't fair that well when it gets wet (not just damp, but truly wet). Actually, it's how I learned to dye suede -- my precious lavendar Uggs got caught in a wet snowstorm in British Columbia and they dried with water stains. I dyed them a darker purple and they looked new again.)

Having said that, yes I would definitely try a suede protector -- you might even see if the same company (Angelus) makes one to go with their dye. Otherwise, just use the best one you can find.


I plan to dye a pair of suede tan boots black. Have you found any issues with the boots being exposed to water after being dyed? I live in New England and want to make sure they can with stand rain and snow after I dye them. Can I spray them with suede protector after?

Margot Silk Forrest

It took the equivalent of two bottles, though since I was mixing colors, I ended up buying three.


Hot many bottles of dye did you use?

Destiny Carter

How could such a vibrant color pink not!?


Those boots would make my feet happy, too.

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