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June 10, 2012


Margot Silk Forrest

I agree! Why not have our clothes -- and shoes and bags -- exactly the way WE want them?!

Fashion shoes

Nice work. I have always been keen to use clothes and shoes which are unique but it is often hard to find ones which are perfect for me. If I can use your technique to customise my footwear then I can finally have the look I dream of and make my friends jealous.
I like the fact that you said that it works on other items of clothing as well. As much as I love fashion shoes I would like all of my wardrobe to be unique

Margot Silk Forrest

I'm going to try it next on the flat flap of a handbag -- I have some big hard-foam geometric stamps I can picture looking great on there. Photos to come (if it works!).

Margaret S.

What a great technique Margot! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Margot Silk Forrest

Thanks -- I really wasn't wanting distinctly colorful sandals this time, just something fun that would stay with the original color. --Margot


Love the shoes! Like that you left the natural leather colour underneath.

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