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April 21, 2013



Yikes, you're right! Destiny explained that technique in a different post. Here's what she said: To create the tiny lines, I dipped a toothpick into the paint and acted as though I was making a dotted line, lifting the toothpick in a tight, stippling motion. Think sewing machine (or if you are like me, think tattoo gun, ha ha). The purpose of using this motion is to keep the paint coverage solid for the length of the line. Otherwise, the tip of the toothpick carves a streak through the paint.


Fabbbbbbulous sandals, but I couldn't find the info on how Destiny painted those tiny little lines on the Paisley wedges...

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As you might know, we invented a glitter glaze that works on leather, manmade leather and fabric. It comes with a bottle of paint base and a little packet of glitter. Now, someone has to open the big jars of glitter that come from the glitter elves and spoon just the right amount of each of the 21 colors into their packets. Being the head honcho, Margot is that someone. Problem is, she's not the tidiest person in the Western hemisphere and after 20 or so packets, there are a lot of microscopic (but fetchingly sparkly) particles of glitter in her hair, on her cheeks, and decorating her nose. One day someone came in during this process and remarked, "This place looks like a glitter sweatshop!"