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August 14, 2014


Margot Silk Forrest

Here's the funny thing about my "higher consciousness" around doing shoes: Not many people get it! Back in the 1990s, I founded and ran a non-profit for women who were molested as children (my own story). A good friend I had made back then pretty much dropped me 10+ years later when I started doing shoes. She thought I had lost my social conscience. Actually, my mission to help heal the world had just evolved into something more fun and way less painful. And we all have to follow our own star, don't we?

Angela Steen

Margo, that was very sweet. I certainly understand the inspirational part which is what hit me when I first joined PenWAG and saw Judi's wedding shoes and met you. I've turned on several friends as well as my grand daughters to shoe painting! Love you!


Love your story and, as always, I admire your artistry and craftsmanship. Beautiful.

Margot Silk Forrest

I am so touched by your response! Thank you, dear Leanne. Miss seeing you over these past way-too-busy months, but we WILL get together eventually, I promise. xo - m.

Leanne McWaters

Wouldn't you know you would have a great stirring story and 3 fabulous reasons for doing what you do. And all of them relate to your huge heart which is felt in your work, your books, your eyes, your love of people, and your enthusiasm for life!

Its a great pleasure to know you are out there in the world! And to be your friend!

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